About Us

In November 2021, a small group of friends and dreamers in Belfast, Maine got the big idea to explore buying land and starting a community together. 
With so much to learn, they had the idea to expand the learning to the community by hosting a series of talks on the topic of Intentional Community. That idea became a series of Zoom calls called ‘Intentional Community Curious: A Learning Series to Grow Village in Maine and Beyond.’ 

Since that went well, we decided to host a Collaborative Living Conference in April 2022 so that we could learnnetwork, and celebrate intentional community in the Northeast. Over 100 people showed up to spend the day together and learn.

Now stewarded by Thumbs and Care, we continue to make the Collaborative Living Project happen via events, work parties and resources to skill up on what it takes to live and thrive together.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to create access to the skills and knowledge we need to live collaboratively. We connect our neighbors in Maine and the North East to hands-on and virtual workshops, work parties, gatherings focused on thriving in a co-living, communal living situation.