Intentional Community Curious

A learning and discussion series to grow land-based communities in Maine • February 8 – March 22, 2022

intentional community curious

About IC Curious

What? 4 Zoom Sessions leading up to an in person conference (The Collaborative Living Conference)


  • To weave together community builders across Maine (inclusive to the NE)
  • Expand the community movement in Maine to be more accessible to the non-white community, and other communities who face added barriers to organizing and accessing land and other resources (poor, immigrant/refugee, formerly incarcerated, queer, etc.)
  • Increase the likelihood people interested in intentional community find one they hope to be a part of or come together to build one


Abstract: A series of online video conference calls building towards an in person conference. Each call will be divided into two primary sections; presentation and discussion.  After an opening ceremony including grounding, check-ins, and community agreements an individual or series of presenters will take the stage sharing various aspects on a community building topic. After the presenters period there will be at least 20 minutes of loosely facilitated breakout room discussions.

The Session Recordings

Introduction to Intentional Community Curious

What is Intentional Community Curious and why are we hosting it? Watch this 2 minute video to find out.

Session 1: Insights from Touring North American Ecovillages – by Thumbs

We forgot to record the zoom session, but luckily we had recorded Thumbs giving the same talk at a community in Northern California. After years co-creating the wonderful Unicorn Castle community, I hit the road to live in ecovillage projects across North America. After 3 years of immersive study I’ve gleaned inspiring stories, novel insights, and tried wisdom that may help Cosmic Honey grow to its full potential!

Session 2: Liz Trice on Portland Cooperative

Liz Trice has been pouring her heart into collaboration in Portland, Maine for decades. She is now on the cusp of launching an ambitious project to create a 200 unit, affordable housing, limited equity cooperative neighborhood in the city. Stay tuned at

Session 3: Interview with Blue Hill Cooperative

Angela and Jonathan share about the head, heart and hands journey to create the budding community project, Blue Hill Cooperative Ecovillage.